Tri-Services Committee Response to Industry Canada Consultation (and Related Material)

*NEW* April 6, 2011 - Tri-Services Reply to Comments from Other Parties (21 pages) Regarding Responses to SMSE-018-10



February 28, 2011 - The following is the Tri-Services Special Purpose Committee on 700 MHz Broadband for Mission Critical Public Safety Data (on behalf of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada and its public safety partners) response to Canada Gazette, Part I (Vol. 144, No. 49 —December 4, 2010), Notice No. SMSE-018-10 —Consultation on a policy and technical framework for the 700 MHz band and aspects related to commercial mobile spectrum.

Complete Submission without support letters (110 Pages)

Appendix D — Support Letters (66 pages)

Additional support letters not in the submission:

Also of note, the CSS Study entitled "700MHz Spectrum Requirements for Canadian Public Safety Interoperable Mobile Broadband Data Communications" referenced in the submission.


Individual Sections of the Submission Available for Download

Executive Summary (5 pages)

Detailed Response (39 Pages)

Appendix A — Public Safety 700 MHz Spectrum Needs Chart (1 page)

Appendix B — White House Press Release Supporting Allocation of D-Block to Public Safety (3 pages)

Appendix C — List of Organizations Consulted (3 pages)

Appendix E — Stakeholder Survey Results on 700 MHz Broadband for Mission Critical Public Safety Data: Answering the Call: Survey report of Canadian stakeholders regarding the importance and priority need of dedicated 700 MHz broadband spectrum for a national public safety network (40 pages)

Appendix F —Letter from Minister Bradley supported by all P/T Ministers (2 pages)

Appendix G — Canadian Interoperability Continuum (1 page)

Appendix H — Maritime Radio Communications Initiative Press Release (2 pages)

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