***New*** Download your copy of our new Document to Explain Portable and Mobile Radio Use at the International Border with Canada.

X-Border Report

Outreach Document

CITIG and NPSTC Release Document to Explain Portable and Mobile Radio Use at the International Border with Canada

When are you allowed to use your radio? First responders require constant access to mission critical voice and data communications and utilize their mobile and portable radios to communicate with the dispatch center and with other public safety personnel. The need for immediate voice and data access does not stop at the U.S. border with Canada. 

On November 10, the joint CITIG-NPSTC Cross Border Working Group released a Cross Border Outreach document that explains recent regulatory changes in simple, concrete terms and provides website addresses for further information. Download your copy here.

Cross Border White Paper Report Released

Download your copy of Cross Border Communications Report: Barriers, Opportunities, and Solutions for Border Area Emergency 

In March of 2015, CITIG and National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) jointly released a new report to study cross border public safety communications along the U.S. and Canadian border, with a focus on the local first responders.  The report is designed to clarify legal and regulatory policies, identify best practices and examples of interoperability excellence, and advance specific recommendations to enhance public safety communications at the national border. 

The report makes a series of recommendations on how to improve cross border interoperability which are based on the lanes of the SAFECOM continuum.  A NPSTC/CITIG Cross Border working group holds monthly conference calls to discuss the report.  

The documents section of this web page contains a series of significant reports and agreements that impact cross border communications. The titles of these files have been modified to organize them by document type and may not reflect the actual name of the report being cited.

Cross Border Report Supporting Documents


Cross Border Working Group

Mission: Focus on the mitigation of communications issues involving public safety operations in the U.S. and Canadian border areas, and proactively work in international regulatory realms to facilitate more effective communications in these border areas.

CITIG's Role:

  • Work with the U.S. to help facilitate timely and effective international allocation, regulation, and sharing of 700 MHz spectrum
  • Work closely with NPSTC to leverage enhanced cross border operations, policy, and training.
  • Serve as a focal point for border area public safety communications issues in all bands, as they arise.

Want to get involved?

CITIG and NPSTC are seeking volunteers to serve on a working group to study cross border voice and data communications between the U.S. and Canada. This Working Group provides input on current state of cross border interoperability, including:

  • Overview of current state of cross border interoperability in the U.S. and Canada
  • A review of the current and forward looking regulatory environment
  • A statement regarding problems and barriers to voice and data interoperability
  • An overview of existing cross border interoperability projects
  • A list of best practices for technology, policy and operations
  • Initial recommendations based on the SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum lanes

NPSTC and CITIG have spent the last year collecting a large amount of information and reports which will form the basis for this document.

  • The Working Group needs input from volunteers in these specific areas:
  • Canadian and U.S. first responders who work along the border
  • Federal, State/Provincial, Tribal and local agency representatives
  • Operational, Technical and Policy level representatives
  • Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue and EMS/Paramedics representatives

The Working Group meets monthly by teleconference. If you are interested in participating in this Working Group, please sign up using the NPSTC Volunteer Registration Form at http://npstc.org/joinToParticipate.jsp.

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