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On March 14, 2012, The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry, announced that the Government of Canada was allocating 10 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band for public safety broadband use. A second round of consultation by Industry Canada was completed in 2012 regarding the so-called “D Block” of another 10 MHz of spectrum (a decision has not yet been announced).

The Canadian public safety community view the allocation of spectrum in the 700 MHz band for public safety broadband use as a major step forward to replacing the current patchwork of voice-only first responder communications with a modern nationwide 4G wireless network that will ensure our first responders receive the information they need when disaster strikes. Soon, it will be up to federal, provincial/territorial and local leaders to work together to build and operate the network.

Much work is being completed at the federal, provincial and territorial levels. Municipal and regional stakeholders need to be engaged.

For more detailed information 700 MHz Broadband Spectrum for Public Safety, visit www.action700.ca.

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Public Safety Broadband Survey for Municipal and Regional Stakeholders

This survey is designed to collect basic information from municipal and regional public sector agencies regarding awareness and views about the current state of public safety wireless data usage as an aid in planning for a transition to a new public safety wireless broadband network. The survey is geared toward anyone at the municipal or regional level whose agency may one day need access to a public safety wireless broadband network (i.e., responders, public safety agencies, emergency management users, etc.). More than one person within an organization can complete the survey.

Please complete the following four sections of the survey:

  • About your agency
  • Current Usage
  • Future Use
  • Stakeholder Engagement, Additional Comments and Feedback

The final section features the opportunity to request a copy of the survey results, to provide further feedback and/or provide your contact information to receive updates.

Data from the survey will provide a snapshot of the current state of municipal and regional planning for the deployment of a 700 MHz public safety broadband network, and will be used to formulate strategies to engage municipal and regional public safety stakeholders for the eventual deployment of that network.

In total, the survey comprises 20 questions and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Please submit your responses by midnight on March 25, 2013

About Your Agency

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